Laura, a broad (laura_abroad) wrote,
Laura, a broad

HP 4 hilarity

HP fans, especially slappytanker, should read this GOF parody by davestar707, immediately.

Hermione: That’s not cool. You think Ron likes me?......Sexually?

Harry: (pauses, looks to his side)

Ron Weasley: (moaning in his sleep) Mmmmm! Krum! Kruuuuuum!

Harry: Let’s just say that I don’t think he’s ready to be in a relationship right now.
With you…specifically.

Ron: (his alarm wakes him up) Who’s ready to Krum it up? I am! OMIGOD! I can’t wait to see Viktor Krum play in the Quidditch world cup. Can you guys believe it? VIKTOR Krum. Viktor fucking Krum. I hope they win! I hope HE wins. Omigod! I’m so jazzed!

(Ron skips out of the room)

Hermione: Because he’ll be too preoccupied with schoolwork?

Harry: I thought you were the smart one.

Hermione: (shrugs) Books, not streets.
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