Laura, a broad (laura_abroad) wrote,
Laura, a broad

Ten things I do that make my cat dash out of the room

  • Sneeze.
  • Turn on the television.
  • Kick her favorite woolly mouse toy through the doorway.
  • Having been seated, stand up. (The same goes for sitting down.)
  • Look like maybe I might think of reaching for her, to say nothing of actually reaching for her.
  • Open or close a door.
  • Pretend to pass out onto the floor and wait until she’s sniffing my face to open my eyes and stare at her.
  • Grasp at her back leg and paw.
  • Act like I’m eating her head like a piece of fruit.
  • Dance around singing a song I made up about how owning a cat is fun, and even though I have to clean her litter box every day and actually give thought and consideration to her bowel movements, it’s still pretty great to own a cat who will cuddle with you when a 4 AM thunderstorm wakes you up.

To be fair, usually she only flees as far as the doorway itself, then watches cautiously until she's sure everything is safe.

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